Mon Ethos - Bikini Challenge

1st Place $1,000 - 2nd Place $500 - 3rd Place $250

Judging Has Started!

This is not a sanctioned IFBB event. This is only for fun. Videos must be taken at home, and cannot be from an IFBB or NPC stage

Judging Has Started!

Meet Your Judges


DR. Jessica Wilson, IFBB Professional Athlete

Xavisus Gayden U.S. Marine (Retired Veteran), IFBB Pro Athlete, Olympian, and Coach   FBB PRO

Andre Ferguson 14x  IFBB PRO CHAMPION


Jasmine Gonzalez – 2nd Place – $500

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My favorite thing to work on in my posing right now is my PRESENTATION! Let’s talk about that real quick! What is “Presentation” to you? What does it mean for you? Well one dictionary definition states it’s a formal introduction of someone! Think about that! Formal introduction. When you take that first step out on stage you literally are having a silent conversation with the judges. That first step is your first word. And everything to follow is something being said to impress the ones judging you. . . When I practice I really look for what I’m doing with my face, how those changes compliment each transition, how each arm movement flows with my body in transitions as well. Things just need to flow and make sense and we can’t forget about what we do with our face! Take a moment and really analyze your routine and ask yourself where can I spruce it up? Where can I smile? Where can I soften up my lips and change up the feel in my routine through my expressions? These factors help draw in attention and when you are standing on stage you really want all eyes on you! . . So with that said try and take a moment to look over your routine and ask yourself how can I improve my presentation? How can I add in a little more smiling or how can I switch up my facial expression in my routine so that it looks confident, natural and like I’m having a good time? If you don’t know, hit me up! I can help you with that 💃🏽 . . #ifbb #ifbbpro #ifbbbikini #bostonproshow #bikiniposing #posingcoach #ifbbproleague

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Alanna Taylor – Qualified

Gina Scafoglio – Qualified

Vania Auguste – Qualified

Bre Wigley – Qualified

Christopher Casella – Qualified

Lexus Redmond – Qualified

Kristen Markowski

Carrie Goforth

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Boston Pro Bikini Posing Challenge @bostonproshow What a wonderful opportunity, Thank you 🙏🏽!! Challenge accepted ✅. • -Carrie Goforth-Wojciechowski IFBB Bikini 👙 Pro Currently in that awkward phase between “already started prep for a few shows that had to be cancelled for the Pandemic” and “Maintenance phase preparing for when the shows resume.” We are all in the same predicament, we are in this together…STAY FOCUSED AND STICK TO YOUR PATH. So excited for this opportunity, given everything goes smoothly 🤞🏽 I will be stepping on stage to compete at the Boston Pro! @monethos100 @kimybikinifitness @luckylibra213 @xavisus_gayden Coach @ccash15_ifbbpro

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Jennifer St Peter

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Well just like any other morning, we are up before dawn getting it done! I accepted the @bostonproshow bikini posing challenge and did my routine almost in the dark this morning 😂 ••• I just want to thank the Boston Pro show for finding a way to keep us motivated and challenged during these hard times. These challenges are always fun because it's a way to focus on something constructive! Something I've learned while competing is that you can have the best physique on stage but if you don't know how to emphasize your strengths then you will never be able to excel. So, I am taking this opportunity to improve! And hey … I always rise to a challenge 😜 ••• Where my other bikini girls at?! You have until midnight tonight to get your submission in!!!😃💙👙 ••• #bostonproshow @bostonproshow ••• #bostonpro #bikiniposing #ifbb #ifbbbikini #cjselitesuits #homeworkout #homegym #posingpractice #fitspo #quarantine #covi̇d #teambossbodies #nevergiveup #posingchallenge

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Aolani Pitts

Bri-Anna Johnson

Kelli Ahearn-Lucas

Charlotte Forero

Celeste Rains-Turk

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What success is inevitable for you? I ask myself this when I feel doubtful or some confusion or even impatient! It always connects me back to the present moment and empowers me to release the outcome because I already trust that I’m getting where I need to be Today I prompted my clients and members in our private facebook group (and now am prompting you) to fill in the blank: . Becoming ___ is inevitable for me because ___ . I wrote: . “Becoming an IFBB pro is inevitable for me because I am already living as the pro version of myself through my commitment, passion, and love for the sport I am strong willed, have a solid mindset, and am detached from the outcome Because of my patience I can be persistent and know that it is inevitable due to the Time and space I’m comfortable with giving the dream to come to reality There is absolute certainty I am already achieving this goal as I align myself with it each day through my thoughts, actions, habits, and the way I show up in the sport and my life IFBB pro is a title which exists for me and I Am moving toward it daily I vibrate in the same frequency as this goal and I know as I move toward it collecting lessons, opportunities, and wins I will eventually land upon the card and take that for myself too when the timing is right There is no need to rush to this result because I am relishing in the ride there Because I love this commitment more than the outcome itself, I can live as if and know that is enough which as a byproduct moves me closer to the attainment of a title I respect, honor, and am worthy capable and deserving of” While i could say more about this, and this future reality of mine, I’d rather hear your answer to the fill in the blank! What success is inevitable for you? When you put it out in the universe and shamelessly claim it as yours, that can do a lot for your commitment level to the desired outcome! Even this is boosting my confidence to boldly make such a statement others may question or doubt But I have decided it for myself and that’s what matters! Comment yours below😊😍 Also took this video after my run today for @bostonproshow #bostonproshow posing contest!

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Natalie Pena

Roxanne Huff

Sariah Paulsen

Sara Hartman

Francesca Stoico

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Ragazzi, siamo tutti nella stessa situazione di quarantena! Non demoralizzatevi, anzi ora avrete più tempo da dedicare alla vostra routine di posa e a voi stessi. 🌟🌟 Rilassatevi e cercate di sfruttare questo momento come un momento per ricaricare le pile e tornare più forti di prima.💥 Potrebbero esserci persone che hanno più talento di te, ma non ci sono scuse per nessuno a lavorare più duro di te.❤️ ————————————————- Guys, we're all in the same quarantine situation! Do not demoralize yourself, in fact now you will have more time to devote to your laying routine and to yourself. 🌟🌟 Relax and try to use this moment as a moment to recharge your batteries and come back stronger than before There may be people who are more talented than you, but there is no excuse for anyone to work harder than you #francescastoicopro #bikinipro #sp #bostonproshow #gymgear #ifbbproleague #npcbikini #muscle #ad #gymlife #gymwear #fitgirl #fitness #fit #fitnessgear #fitnessgirl #sponsored #instaootd #fitnessmodel

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Karina Boso

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#bostonproshow challenge accepted!!! It's so important to every girl who want to compete practices our posing rutine. Thanks for this oportunity to share our posing style with all over beautiful Athlets in the world. Thanks @kimybikinifitness for share with all latin girls 🤗😍 love u so much!!!!!! • . . Aceptado el reto #bostonproshow. Es muy importante para cada chica que quiere competir, practicar nuestra rutina de poses. Gracias por esta oportunidad de mostrar nuestro estilo de posar con todas las hermosas atletas del mundo. Gracias @kimybikinifitness compartir estoncon todas las chicas latinas. Te quiero mucho!! 🤗😍 . @bostonproshow @monethos100 @bostonnpc @luckylibra213 @xavisus_gayden @npcworldwideargentina @claudio.hait

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Con previa autorización y aprobación de mi preparador y nutri @porkyayala dejo por aca el video de mi rutina de poses para el @bostonproshow #bikinichallenge 👙💫 . Rápidamente les cuento que es un concurso de poses de la categoría bikini y como tengo muchas ganas de volver, totalmente en #offseason me puse el bikini y los zapatos de competencia y es lo que salio! (Despues de 23450757 tomas de prueba😂) Si no gano, por lo menos pase bien practicando! #posingcoach @rosanalocatti ❤️ . With the authorization and approval of my coach and nutritionist @porkyayala I want to share with you guys my posing routine video for the @bostonproshow #bikinichallenge contest! If I don't win at least I had a great time practicing!❤️ #bikinifitness #bikinigirl #fitness #posing #contest #challenge #quedateencasa #stayhome #monday #lunes

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Ashley Joseph

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⁣⁣#Bostonproshow Posing challenge accepted! The MOST meticulous part of competing is posing. It can seriously make or break you, regardless of how bomb your body may look. ⠀ ⠀ I practiced day in and day out, until I replaced awkwardness with confidence. I wouldn’t have guessed that after only two shows, I would become qualified to compete nationally. ⠀ ⠀ Shoutout to any and everyone who has ever built up the courage to step on a stage! It truly does take courage, and after getting warmed up, it becomes FUNNN 😀. ⠀ ⠀ Thank you @bostonproshow for creating this challenge. I’m having show fever all over again 😈 👙 ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ #bikiniposingchallenge #bikinicompetitor #bikini #musclebuilding #bodybuilding ⁣

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Swarnali Saha

Kirstin McKay

Bishop Green

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#MONSLAY 👇🏽⁣ ⁣ I am alive⁣ I am grateful ⁣ I am motivated⁣ I am ready to tackle the day with a positive attitude and an abundance mindset. ⁣ ⁣ Monday is normally frowned upon, but for me it’s now another day to continue to put one foot in front of the other and make my dreams a reality. ⁣ ⁣ I’m in no rush , but I do know what I’m capable of. ⁣ ⁣ I’m awake and aware of who I am, what I bring to the table, and ready for an amazing day.⁣ ⁣ Find something you are grateful for before you get out of bed this morning . Hold on to that and let it bring you peace for the day ahead ☮️ ⁣ ⁣ This morning I looked over and saw my daughter peacefully sleeping which brought me joy. ⁣ ⁣ I also did NOT bust my ass on my carpet posing.⁣ ⁣ So I’ve got two things I’m grateful for today already 🤪⁣ ⁣ Enjoy my #mondaymotivation post – posing routine for the @bostonproshow challenge, and a transformation from 2013-2020 🤩 – #ifbb #ifbbpro #bikinicompetitors #bodybuildingwomen #fitmoms #mombody #bodyafterbaby #fitnesschicks #mondaymotivation #bikiniposing #teamheugly #onlinecoach #mindsetiseverything #selflove #glutes #fitnessmotivation #workoutathome #bostonproshow

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Dawn Granger

Yenirfer Zerpa

Kirstin McKay

Mamoru (Vegan Fitness JP)

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Hey @bostonproshow 👋😎 Here's my #bikini #posing routine‼️ Enjoy, laugh and gimme my 1k 🤑🤩😂 This Asian need it to buy my rice and soysauce yall 🤪🤪🤪 ボストンプロのビキニ👙チャレンジ用のエントリー動画投稿🤣👍 #bostonproshow #fun #posing #bikiniposing #vegan #veganfitness #veganbodybuilding #plantbased #plantpowered #ethicalvegan #veganprotein #fitness #weightlifting #workout #muscles #musclebuilding #mensbikini #ヴィーガン #ヴィーガントレーニー #ボディビルディング #クラシックフィジーク #植物性たんぱく質 #ジム #筋トレ #トレーニング #筋肉 #メンズビキニ #ラッキーとピッピ

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Nicole Rombaoa

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Rythmn, Presentation, Flow and Grace ❤️🔥⁣ ⁣ The butterflies, the nerves, the adreneline rush, the moment years, weeks and months of hardwork, time, sweat, blood and tears all come together. ⁣ ⁣ Any athlete, artist, professional can make their passion and craft look easy and effortless and prospectors will never see the time, work, effort and practice it took to make it happen.⁣ ⁣ 2019 @stingreyclassic808 posing routine ⁣ 👙 Bikini @angelcompetitionbikinis⁣ 💎 Jewlery @theshoefairy_⁣ ☀️ Tan @eelainey⁣ 💊 Supplements @hardmagnum from @hawaiidiscountnutrition⁣ 🏋🏾‍♀️ Coach @fitnesswarrior808⁣ ⁣ #Memories #TeamFitnessWarrior808 #StingrayClassic2019 #Bikini #npcbikiniathlete #girlswithmuscle #girlswholift #hawaii #collabhawaii #weare24hawaii #weare24 #bodybuildinghawaii #teammagnum #MagnumAthlete #bostonpro #bikiniposingchallenge #angelcompetitionbikinis #collabhawaii #bikiniposingroutine #prepfiles

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Toniesha Gaddis