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Men’s Bodybuilding

Athletes competing in Men’s Bodybuilding train to develop highly muscular physiques. In this category it’s all about maximizing mass, density and distinction between muscles, while maintaining good bodily proportions. The competition begins with individual athletes performing a set of mandatory poses, followed by a 2 to 3 minute individual freestyle posing routine to music of the athletes choice, comparison judging, and a final posedown to music of the promoters choice. Learn More…


Men’s Physique

Men’s Physique showcases leaner, more athletic builds than the heavily muscular Classic and 212 divisions. Contestants are judged on muscular development, proportion, waist-to-shoulder ratio, and a low body fat percentage. Contestants pose individually on stage wearing knee-high board shorts, with a formal routine consisting of a front pose and three quarter turns. Learn More…


Classic Men's Physique

Classic Physique, the most recent addition to the IFBB Pro categories, is for men with physiques between the lighter athleticism of Men’s Physique and the massive builds of Open Bodybuilding. Contestants are judged for muscular proportion, symmetry, and definition, placing aesthetics and balance over size and sheer mass. The competition involves posing side by side in groups followed by individual routines of 60 seconds, followed by callouts to determine which contestants will pose in the finals round. Learn More…


Women's Fitness

Fitness was the first division to branch off from bodybuilding. It features a standard physique round as well as a unique fitness routine performed to music featuring elements of dance, strength moves, and gymnastics. Learn More…



Figure is a women’s category showcasing graceful presentation, balanced muscular development and feminine form rather than muscle size and mass. Contestants are required to wear a 2 piece bikini and high heels. The competition consists of two rounds, an individual routine of quarter turns followed by selected competitors posing side by side for further comparison. Learn More…



Bikini is a category created for women who do not want to develop the extremely heavy muscled builds found in women’s bodybuilding. Typically featuring the same athletically fit body types as figure but with more freedom for personal presentation, Bikini is the most popular women’s category, often compared to “fitness modeling”. Dressed in a 2 piece bikini and high heels, contestants perform an individual routine followed by comparison judging in small groups at the judges discretion. Learn More…



This division is for females with athletic physique’s that showcase more body mass in the hips, glutes and thigh areas. The upper body is developed but not to the same degree as the lower body. Learn More…

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