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What success is inevitable for you? I ask myself this when I feel doubtful or some confusion or even impatient! It always connects me back to the present moment and empowers me to release the outcome because I already trust that I’m getting where I need to be Today I prompted my clients and members in our private facebook group (and now am prompting you) to fill in the blank: . Becoming ___ is inevitable for me because ___ . I wrote: . “Becoming an IFBB pro is inevitable for me because I am already living as the pro version of myself through my commitment, passion, and love for the sport I am strong willed, have a solid mindset, and am detached from the outcome Because of my patience I can be persistent and know that it is inevitable due to the Time and space I’m comfortable with giving the dream to come to reality There is absolute certainty I am already achieving this goal as I align myself with it each day through my thoughts, actions, habits, and the way I show up in the sport and my life IFBB pro is a title which exists for me and I Am moving toward it daily I vibrate in the same frequency as this goal and I know as I move toward it collecting lessons, opportunities, and wins I will eventually land upon the card and take that for myself too when the timing is right There is no need to rush to this result because I am relishing in the ride there Because I love this commitment more than the outcome itself, I can live as if and know that is enough which as a byproduct moves me closer to the attainment of a title I respect, honor, and am worthy capable and deserving of” While i could say more about this, and this future reality of mine, I’d rather hear your answer to the fill in the blank! What success is inevitable for you? When you put it out in the universe and shamelessly claim it as yours, that can do a lot for your commitment level to the desired outcome! Even this is boosting my confidence to boldly make such a statement others may question or doubt But I have decided it for myself and that’s what matters! Comment yours below😊😍 Also took this video after my run today for @bostonproshow #bostonproshow posing contest!

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