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#Repost @bostonproshow with @make_repost ・・・ Let’s do this to late to prep but let’s do it anyway !!! Bring it on . . Win $2,500 – The Mon Ethos online Posing Challenge at the website. —- Challenge deadline is now May 19 at midnight EST. Here is your chance to win big and be judged by the Pros! —- Steve Kuclo – @stevekuclo Andre Ferguson – @luckylibra213 Xavisus Gayden – @xavisus_gayden Kim Gutiérrez – @kimybikinifitness Jessica Wilson, DVM – @jessfitvet —- Whether you’re a professional bodybuilder, an amateur looking to earn a spot, or just someone with posing skills – this competition is for you! —- 1️⃣ First, make sure you follow @bostonproshow on Instagram. —- 2️⃣ Go to and download this weeks background music. Then post a video of your best posing routine on your Instagram account with the background music. —
3️⃣ Copy the post’s URL. Go to and paste the URL into the form on the website. — You must get your video in by midnight Tuesday May 19 Eastern Timezone in order to qualify. Then watch May 22nd at when our PRO judges pick the 10 ten and winners and give away prize money. —- *** If over 300 competitors submit their videos..we will unlock more cash prizes! —- This is not a sanctioned IFBB event. This is only for fun. Videos cannot be from an IFBB or NPC stage.

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