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Had to repost. I’m far from where I want to be, but also far from where I started. Posing in between sets yesterday. Mental breakdown after watching. In the last couple days I’ve watched the key factor of my physique disappear. My tiny waist 😭. I won’t give the whole speech about how bloating happens for many reasons. Instead I’m going to put my heels on and make sure I work on my weaknesses. I want want my routine to be fluid and effortless. So we practice, not matter how we’re looking. Team: @teamabsolutephysiques Coach: @only1strick Bikini Sponsor: @zozobeecompetitionsuits Supplements : @wyckednaturals #instdaily #fitfam #trainhard #positivemindset #quaratine2020 #foodforthought #energy #love #wordstoliveby #ifbbpro #bostonproshow

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